Likeminde Coaching is for Individuals, corporate employees, and Leaders. Coaching is generally done on one-on-one basis.
Our coach programs are a combination of Western and Eastern philosophies of experience.
The framework of Likeminde coaching is to enlighten layers of enhancement in significant facets of life in personal and business. We all understand that every individual is unique. The central idea of coaching is to help the individual to realize his or her potent and growth in the direction of the potent to enjoy and live maximum benefit.
Coaching is very personal, psychological, growth oriented, mental enhancement tool and results in improvement. Every Coaching session starts with a goal and ends with a solution to cherish. 

Executive Coaching

We impart Executive coaching integrated with a wide option of behavioral techniques and mind management methods and tools to help the emerging and in-role leaders and Business entrepreneurs to achieve the identified set of goals to improve his or her professional cum personal performance, and to improve the effectiveness of the organization within a formally defined coaching agreement.

Emotional Intelligence Development Coaching

As we know that Emotional intelligence is that ability to identify, assess and react to the momentary environment. The coaching involves a personal understanding of various level emotions with respect to the individual’s behaviour at home, workplace and society. The whole coaching session will be to integrate the core principles time tested principles into the day-to-day life and process intelligence to enhance handling and effective management of emotions.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development Coaching

Today leaders are more at necessity to grow higher intelligence specially to handle multiple breakdowns of emotions. At the level of leader, due to multitasking, be it working with stakeholders/shareholders, Staffs and management individuals and other partners, unbearably come under the pressure of maintaining their work life balance effectively without losing their personal balance while involving in their social and family life. More than 90% of the leaders today who had attended this coaching session with Likeminde had acknowledged tremendous improvements during the very first few coaching sessions itself.

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