Entrepreneurial Development / Leadership Development Program

Entrepreneurial Development / Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Entrepreneurship development program introduces you to the entrepreneurial journey, from nurturing your idea and transforming it to a realistic business venture, launching your business in the marketplace, raising capital for your venture. The program will focus on the different roles that you play in the success of your business, the challenges you may face in the entrepreneurial journey. Topics include business model innovation, strategic leadership and will be hands-on with the tools and techniques to sustain growth and success. The program will bring the true leader in you.

The entire course is structured on experiential learning, to meet the practical demands of the real world, gathered from the years of experience and tons of materials from the successful entrepreneurs. This program also is for organizations who want their managers to grow as leaders for the new challenging role.

Course Details

Course Contents Includes:

  • Role as an Entrepreneur
  • Thought Leader
  • Emotional Intelligent Leadership Framework
  • Examine and devising successful strategies, business models, frameworks,
  • Key Process in Business Growth
  • Leadership and Management Strategies
  • One to one personal interaction
  • 4 Key qualities the world looks forward to qualify to be a leader

Who needs to attend:

First generation entrepreneurs and anyone getting into new venture.


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