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Self-Criticism and productivity

Self-criticism is an unknown but yet a very very slow but strong penetrating phenomena underlying within every human being. Today more and more researches are carried out to find how to mitigate this silent, persistent killer which hinders self and organizations productivity.

The funniest part is that in this case “this tendency is present well within everyone – himself or herself.”

Self-criticism derails people’s social environmental aspects. It instigates people to generate interpersonal stress (e.g., be involved in quarrels and rejections), and it disallows people to experience positive, enjoyable life events (such as having fun with friends) and to mobilize social support in times of need. Such a negative environment serves as fertile ground for emotional distress, which in turn results in increased self-criticism.

In a customized coaching planning and process with the CEO for almost 1 month, we were able to estimate stress, fear and pain which was highly unknown but yet was prevalent within which was inhibiting him to take any action plan to progress.

Further on, we developed a mechanism to adopt a curious and benevolent attitude towards themselves, rather than to bash themselves into submission. It was revealed that at the earliest this is executed, the healthier the outcome is going to be.

The outcome of the session is quite genuine and good as the CEO himself was not able to observe quite a good change in his decision making process.

If you think that you and your business is getting impacted into such unique situation and if you are looking to mitigate it whether it is for yourself or for your team, do not hesitate to connect with me to learn the technique which works to eliminate such tendencies and to move towards a much more productive seamless business.

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